Training and educating IT professionals is our 'first love' and it shows. Solby Infotech's IT training practice is the largest and most successful part of our business.

Solby Infotech delivers hands-on, instructor-led classes to IT professionals at our headquarters. Classes are also provided through our virtual classroom enabling IT professionals to achieve excellent training at their own comfort.

We welcome OPT, CPT, GC, US Citizens, H1 B, EAD and F1 candidates for our consulting needs.

Big Data Hadoop Training

Hadoop is a large-scale distributed batch processing infrastructure. It's 100% open source, and pioneered a fundamentally new way of storing and processing data. Hadoop enables distributed parallel processing of huge amounts of data across inexpensive, industry-standard servers that both store and process the data, with quick scalability. With Hadoop, no data is too big. Hadoop can handle all types of data from disparate systems: structured, unstructured, log files, pictures, audio files, communications records, email, just about anything, regardless of its native format.

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Business Analyst Training

This business analysis course (BA training) is designed to enable IT professionals to understand the core concepts of mapping Business requirements of stakeholders with the IT infrastructure. Trainees will learn business analysis concepts, prevalent business analysis methodologies, Unified Modeling Language, and other related concepts. The business analysis process is presented both through theory and hands-on exercises followed by a project.

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Quality Assurance Analyst Training

Timely, cost-effective and high-quality software is achieved through effective software quality control (SQC) and software quality assurance (SQA) practices applied throughout the development cycle.

Our QA courses provide the skills needed to define, design and implement a practical software quality system using innovative and proven techniques tailored for any life cycle model.

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ETL/Informatica Developer Training

Data Analysis goes beyond simple data collection. Through skillful analysis, this in-demand discipline provides professionals with an overall view of an organization's standing, answering vital questions about financial gains and losses, areas for improvement and product performance. Our Data Analyst Training course enables the trainee to learn key concepts that help both the person and the organization to achieve more despite volatile economic conditions and increasing competition.

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Business Intelligence Training

This training course introduces a 'holistic' view of Business Intelligence (BUSINESS OBJECTS) and presents it as a complex system composed of many sub-systems that must be aligned and work together to produce the desired business results. The real success of BI within an organization can only be achieved if a holistic understanding is developed that shapes how the various components are designed and implemented.

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